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Trail Adoption

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The GLT welcomes volunteers to become Trail Adopters. Individuals, families, and organizations (youth groups, clubs, etc.) are encouraged to pick out a trail, or section of trail, and help maintain that trail. Trail Adopters primary responsibilities are to keep the existing trail open, free from hazards and litter, and to report problems to the GLT.

How to become a Trail Adopter
All adult applicants must submit a Volunteer Application and Adult Volunteer Waiver. Family and organization members under 18 must submit the Youth Volunteer Waiver. While doing trail work all volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who has been accepted as a GLT volunteer. On your application please state which trail you wish to adopt. All prospective adult volunteers must meet with a GLT Trustee prior to their acceptance as a GLT Volunteer.

Trail Inspection Frequency
Trail Adopters are expected to inspect and maintain their trails at least twice a year, in particular during the months of April and October. If you are unable to perform an inspection please notify the GLT. If you find a problem that you cannot handle please notify the GLT. We recommend that you get the All Trails app for your phone. With that app you can send the GLT a photo and the geographic coordinates of the problem.

A well maintained trail is one in which a hiker with can walk without touching limbs, trees, or brush. The standard trail width is 4 feet to 6 feet wide by 8 feet high. Low shrubs and young trees should be cut as close to the ground as possible to prevent tripping, keep stumps from sprouting, and aesthetics. Always cut limbs or branches flush with the trunk or stem. Otherwise, barbs sticking out from partially cut limbs or branches are ugly, and can be hazardous.

Clean up
Pick up branches, shrubs, and debris and spread them off the trail. "Butt first" is easier to throw, and it is more pleasing to the eye to see tips of branches instead of butts of branches.

Hand tools only
Trail Adopters are only allowed to use hand tools such as loppers, bow saws, folding saws, etc. to maintain trails on GLT property. The use of power tools, such as a chain saw, is not allowed unless express permission is granted by the GLT.


Trail Adoption/Volunteer Application
Adult/Youth Waiver